Saturday, 20 September 2008

Craft Room

I am very pleased to have a new craft room! It beats carrying boxes of equipment to the kitchen table and then having to put it all away again lol. It's great having the computer in the same room where I am working too as I can now see the sketch challenges I am following. Before I would scribble the sketch on scrap paper or print it out to take downstairs to the kitchen. X


Vikki said...


The new craft room is looking good :) It's great to have a dedicated space isn't it?


Vikki xxx

katy said...

Oh what i would'nt give for a space like this... (sigh) i'm still stuck at what WAS the kitchen table :( but one day when Kevin, ummm sorry Josh my terrible teen has flown the nest i will have his room!! It's lovely Janet, truely i'm not jealous at all......... yeah right, lol xx Enjoyxx

The Crafty Den said...

Wow your craft room looks great (and very tidy *wink*). Lots of love, Denise x

Poppy said...

Looks lovely wish mine was as tidy !!

crafting diva said...

Hi wow love your new craft room sorry have to warn you it won't stay this tidy, well it won't if you are like me things go everywhere

Saz said...

hi i so wish i had a space like that, the kitchen table would do if i could get to it but dad always beats me to it, fixing his computers so i have to craft on the lounge floor which isnt good for my back i can tell you, dad said i could go in the loft but would still be sat on the floor, i will get my way one day xxx

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic room. Where did you get your desk as its just what my daughter needs in her bedroom

Andrea said...

Wow, your craft room is fantastic!

Love to Doodle! said...

Well done Janet - looks amazingly tidy....I'm refitting my craftroom soon but have only got as far as costing it I've seen this, I must get on and sort it....Hope you enjoy your new space..xx

Els G. said...

What a wonderful craft room! Enjoy it!

CraftyC said...

Dont think I've ever seen my craft room that tidy!!! Enjoy your new space!!

Linda said...

It's looking good.

Crafty_Kitten said...

What a lovely craft room. How can you keep it so tidy!? Wherever I craft looks like a world war has occurred! Thanks for sharing it and making me so jealous. Can I come and play at your house pretty please?
xx Lynn xx

Karen said...

Great space Janet, and oh so tidy!. I wish mine was as tidy as that, I can never find anything.

Karen x

Donna said...

Please tell me you haven't crafted it your room yet, it is sooo tidy! lol To complete your room you need to follow this recipe:
take half a pot of glitter and add to the carpet/floor.
one overflowing waste paper basket (make sure not to empty this)
5 or 6 stacks of paper and cards ontop of desk
and finish off with a sprinkle of foam pad backing papers
it will be perfect. Ok off to tidy my craft room now. Donna x

Kathleen said...

Oh - I'm so jealous. Luckily I have the use of the spare room but it's not very big and I have to share it with a sofa bed, a chest of drawers and a built in wardrobe that still needs to be accessible!!!
It's a lot better now that I've moved my shelving to behind my table, but I still feel cramped.
I like the idea of taking the computer in there - although where I'll put it I don't know!!
Goodness, I do waffle sometimes!!
Kathleen xx

christine said...

love the new craft room Janet it looks great.

Christine xx