Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Good News!

I had so much interest in my Milly's Witchy Cat design which I had drawn especially for my Sketch Saturday card that I contacted Kitty at Spiral Whisper and asked if it was possible to get it on sale. Mike and Kitty are so busy right now getting out all the orders for the new designs which were released by Spiral Whisper last week but they managed to wave their magic wand and get her on their website today and here she is! Well done Mike and Kitty!X


Leo said...

Hey! I really like your blog, it's personal and says a lot. Perhaps you want to read mine, too, at . It's in English although I live in Sweden. :)

Feel free to read "One Family", a story I'm writing on, on my blog.

Have a nice day!


Helena said...

How exciting! Well done! WOw you must be feeling 7 feet tall!

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet, thank you very much for your kind comment on my blog and card. Much appreciated.
You work is brilliant, and your blog is fab.
I have added a link from your blog to mine.
Erin x

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet,
I have been tagged and I'm passing it on to you!
Details are on my blog!
Erin x

All Pink girl said...

Wow your cat is so adorable no wounder every one whats her xxxDawnxxx

Moni said...

a sweet stamp..