Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A lovely Award.......

..........given to me by the lovely Christine (Nanaseaside) Thank you for thinking of me Christine. I became friends with Christine on the Do Crafts forum when I joined as a fledgling cardmaker 18 months ago. I have actualy met her face to face too and she is a lovely lady.
Christine calls herself a silver haired surfer lol and she has just recently set up her blog. She has done a marvelous job and is a credit to Silver Haired Surfers everywhere!! She has even got a few blog candy wins under her belt too. Her beautiful cards are second to none so pop across and take a look
Now I am supposed to pass this award on to five others and thats a difficult one!.....especially as this award is begining to arrive on peoples blogs faster than a dose of chicken pox lol!
There are so many wonderful blogs out there that I would like to give this award to everyone of them. So if you would like this award on your blog please feel free to take it!


saved by scrapping! said...

hi janet, you are indeed a worthy blog award winner, i would dearly love if my creations were even a tiny bit as inspirational as yours are, have a wee look and let me know if you think I deserve said award! Awaiting your goth faries with eager anticipation!

anne :)

Alexandra said...

hi janet,
your card is so wonderful!


POPPET said...

Was that comment a dig at me? faster than chicken pox pmsl, well done hun you so deserve it, and i will go and take a look at the blog now, hugs Pops x x x

saved by scrapping! said...

thankyou janet for your kind comment!

anne :)

ribenaruby said...

A beautiful award, so well deserved and the creations on your blog are stunning!

Christine said...

Wow from the master of wonderfull creations giving lil ol me a mention, that was a thank you Janet
for the lovely things you have said about me (cheques in the post)...LOL

hugs Christine xx