Sunday, 28 March 2010

Copics or Promarkers?

Should I buy Copics or Promarkers?.........a question on the minds of many a crafter!
"But which is best" people ask
I can't say which is 'best' as they are very similar to each other realy .....yet very slightly different

They look slightly different as you can see.....the promarker is slightly fatter and bullet shaped compared to the slimmer Caio Copic Marker
Both have a brush at one end and a chisel tip at the other (for large areas)

Now here comes the most important difference.....the brush size!
As you can see the Promarker on the left has a much smaller harder brush and the Copic on the right a much softer larger brush
I find I can quickly colour larger areas with the Copic's soft brush but I have to be really careful in small areas as it is very easy to go outside the ink lines of the image I am colouring
It takes a little longer to colour a larger area with the Promarker but my colouring in small areas is much more accurate

This little chap has been coloured with a mix of Ciao Copic Markers and Promarkers
For the hair and skin I have used Copics and for the clothes and balloon I have used Promarkers
As you can see there is not a lot of difference although I have not coloured skin yet with Promarkers......I am waiting for my Skin tones to arrive!

Caio Copics come in 144 colours
Promarkers come in 148 colours

This article has been written on my own experience of these pens.....I am no expert!
It's all down to personal choice so I hope this helps you decide
You can always have both lol!



Julie said...

Hi Janet, so interesting! I find the opposite! I'm a promarker girl but find it harder to colour in the small areas that have a lot of edge if you know what I mean! So am planning on getting a few copics so that I have the softer brush for this! I also use copics for colouring skin, again I prefer the softer brush for this!! Thanks for sharing!! Juliexx

Sarah A said...

Hi Janet

This is such a useful post, before I bought my promarkers I was trying to weigh up the difference but couldn't find any useful comparisons! Thanks for sharing this.

Sarah x

pinky said...

Love copics but do need my promarkers as well, best of both worlds.

Claire x said...

Hi Janet, thank goodness for your post as I am having this dilemma at the moment and I am swaying towards the promarker ..... but like you say which one is best? They are expensive so I need to make the right choice ..... umm lets see what other people say. Claire x

shellshearer said...

Wow ...I absolutely love my Promarkers and not many to go now till I have them all lol....
As I go to a craft class every week, the ladies there have both, and they were kind enough to let me have a play.....and I just fell in love with Promarkers, I did have to talk myself into buying them though as they are expensive, and I had H20's and paints and all the usual things....but I am soooo glad I did decide to buy them...

hugs shell xx

Maria Therese said...

Wow thanks for the input!!If they are so alike I'll stick with my 60 promarkers:)

Nannieflash said...

Hi Janet, take my advice, buy both I have I find the copics are so lovely to paint with but are more of a problem in the difficult small places where the promarkers win. So it looks as though your bank balance is going to be hit badly like mine. With love and hugs Shirleyxx
I have the full range of both and at the moment I use the copics more.

jacquiscards said...

im still really confused lololol

i have whispers pens and watercolour pencils and im thinking of investing
im just so confuddled lol

Sarpreet said...

Thanks for your tips on your experience it is much appreciated

Stacey said...

I always find it so interesting chatting to people about this as everyone has a different opinion!

I started off with promarkers but found them really hard to use in small areas and impossible to blend with! So, I sold all of my promarker stash and invested in Copics and I'm so much happier! I can now blend and shade to my hearts content. I also find the colour range of Copics so much better as if they don't have the right colour in the Ciao, you can always wander off to the Sketch section where there 334 colours to choose from! ~♥~

Suzanne (Stamp In Style) said...

Hi Janet,

Have just come across your post and thought I might add this to the mix.

Have you tried Letraset (Pantone) Tria Markers ... you get 3 different tip sizes in one pen.

I've added the link if you'd like to have a look.

You can also get replacement Nibs, Barrels and Ink

Suze x

Jennifer said...

Yes I second that - have both! A girl can never have too many pens :-)xx Jenny xx