Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Winner Is..........

Well you all guessed right in my 'Where Am I Competition'.
I was in Giza just outside Cairo, Egypt at 'The Great Pyramids'
Well there can only be one winner so I put the numbers 1 to 37 in the random number generator and it came with number 8 so Pamela is the winner!
So congratulations Pamela.......if you email me at with your details and choice of stamps I will get them to you straight away

We were staying in Cyprus for our holidays but we took a day trip to Cairo by aeroplane

First we were taken to the Cairo museum and it was fascinating!

We saw the treasure of Tutankhamun

Then we went into the Mummy room and met

Ramses 11

Seti 1

..........and some other royal Mummies
We couldn't take photos so I got these off the internet
You could see their teeth, toenails and hair!
Poor Ramses caught a fungus infection a few years ago and had to be taken to Paris to be cured
He now looks the picture of health lol!........well not bad for a three and a half thousand years old chap!
He is thought to be the Pharaoh of Moses time

We then went for lunch in a lovely hotel and on to the Pyramids & Sphinx

Then we were given our evenening meal and a cruise on the Nile on this lovely restaurent boat

Then we flew back to Cyprus later in that evening
An exhausting day but a day full of wonderous memories!



Jennifer said...

Sounds amazing Janet! I have never been but my Dad & Brother told me all about it. they went to Cyprus and like you took a trip to Egypt. I would love to go someday.... xx Jenny xx

Margarets designer cards said...
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Pamela said...

Whoo Hoo!! It's me, thank you Janet will send you an e mail.

Pam x