Monday, 23 May 2011


I bought some Fimo Soft  today......thought I would have a dabble.....been meaning to get some for ages
We have got Mimi coming in 3 weeks so thought it would be good fun for her too (as well as me lol)
Well according to the instructions you knead it build your character and bake it.....simples!
.......but I bet it's not lol!
I have a convector oven for one and it is a bit fierce....burns the food if your not careful.
Think I would be frightened to put a work of art in it lol
Now I thought there was just 'Fimo' on the market too but having a quick look online  there is Soft, Classic, and a 3rd version
I haven't got a clue what the difference is between them
So has anybody got any good tips before I start?
Is there any good books or tutorials I should have or watch
It would be great if I could re-create some of my stamp characters in clay
I used to be a dab hand with the plasticine when I was a kid so hopefuly some of my skills will come back.......fingers crossed lol
I won't be too ambitious at first though.......if I could make some little adornments for my cards I would be happy!



Exclusively by Mel said...

Oh I can't wait to see your fimo characters!!!
Very exciting.
Mel. xxx

Janet said...

Thanks Mel......I won't be getting too ambitious to start with lol!

Christine said...

Hiya Janet when Alison was younger she used to make jellewery with Fimo we bought the brooch pins etc..for the back..we cooked it in a very slow oven, I have used eletric fan ovens for a long time, am sure at that time there was only the one Fimo clay..having said that I have since bought (& still unused) some clay & moulds..we should have a paly when you come visiting? not sure if this helps??

smiles Christine xx

Janet said...

Thanks Christine.....yes would love to have a play lol!

Netty said...

Wishing you loads of fun with your Fimo. I believe they have their own website with hints and tips, check out your packaging as it should be there. Annette x

Helen said... Hi Christine go checkout this blog Maddy creations are stunning she also has a tutorial for a mouse and a giveaway at the moment. Hope you find her blog useful her wee dolls are stunning.

Claire x said...

Oh the joys of FIMO - I loved it and had every colour going and every tool and book you could think of, but just didn't have the time to pursue it, so sold everything! I used the FIMO soft which is easy to manipulate into shapes, etc and I also had a selection of smooth tiles to work on and also needed for the baking process which is only a short time anyway, so you definitely won't burn anything LOL. I also has the varnish and matt/gloss to paint over my finished products, gives them a lovely finished look. Can't wait to see what you make. Hugs, Claire x

Poppet said...

Hi Janet, you'll love the fimo, my kids and I have made hundreds of models between us. I use a fan oven on 130degrees C for 20-30 mins, I put mine in as soon as I turn the oven on. These were 3D models if you are doing anything flat and thin you may only need 10 mins once up to temp. Be careful when you take the items out of the oven as they will be hot and still be a little flexible and little details may break off. To check if they are baked use you fingernail and try to mark the bottom/back of the piece if it doesn't mark it's done. Keep an eye on your model until you get to know how it cooks in your oven as it may burn. DO NOT use anything you eat off/cook with to bake or move your fimo. I use an oven liner and put it on a glass plate or use a smooth tile.

I hope this helps but it is my way to do it and I'm no expert. Can't wait to see what you and Mimi create. :-) xx

Shaz said...

I have never used Fimo, looking forward to seeing your creations. xx

Nannieflash said...

Hi Janet, Ive got some of that stuff but so far Ive not got around to playing with it. Im sure if you keep the oven down low as Christine says it shouldnt be a problem. And there are quite a few books out there to help you, google them. with hugs Shirleyxxx