Sunday, 11 September 2011

Gem Update

Gem is a now a  lot better thank goodness!
I thought I was taking a trip to the vets yesterday morning as she was till making the strange noise although not quite as weezy.
She refused her breakfast and wouldn't go out into the garden to toilet despite not having relieved herself for 24 hours!
I put my shoes on so I could carry her out into the garden when she came up to me with tale wagging. I asked her if she wanted to 'Go Walkies' and her tale wagged more.
Took her out......well she was like another dog!
She barked when she heard other dogs barking in the distance....she tried to chase cats, ducks anything that moved......she pulled on her harness like nobodys business lol.
Then she came back and scoffed her breakfast.
She still makes the noise now and again but it is not as strong and less frequent.
I am wondering if she caught some sort of cold virus in the kennels as the skin on her tummy was very hot the first morning when she was very poorly
Anyway what ever it was she is well on the mend now.....but she gave us a bit of a fright!

EDITED :- She gets vaccinated every year against  Kennel Cough


Christine said...

Hi Janet so pleased Gem has picked up never know what they pick up when not at home..pity it was for a wk otherwise it would have been a trip to mums..I'm rabbit sitting on Sat..DD is going away I'll have to put them in the shed cos Foxy will have em for his supper..

smiles Christine x

Ria said...

OMG that must have been a scary time!! I don't even wanna think of this happening to my girly Seven. I would be sick to!!!

Well i am happy she is doing better. Maybe she missed you so badly that it made her sick??

hugssss Ria

ThePurplePlace said...

Thanks for sharing the update! :)
And thanks also for the adorable new image!

Jane said...

So pleased Janet little Gem is better. Take care, Jane x

Wendy said...

She might have caught a dose of kennel cough hun it is doing the rounds apparently at the momment my friends 2 dogs got it and if she has been in the kennels good chance she got it there I would ring them to see if they have had any cases reported to them it can be dangerous for dogs but sounds like she over the worst of it.


Marianne said...

Nice to hear that Gem is feeling better. Must be a relief for you. Have a nice sunday!! xx Marianne


Hi Janet
So glad Gem is ok
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Rebekah said...

Aww I really hope she is much better now Janet, poor Gem pron jst a cold but keep an eye on her hugs rebekah xx

PeeJay said...

Glad she seems better but I think it could still be a touch of kennel cough. Like flu there are several viruses and it's impossible to vaccinate against all of them but it does help to keep the animals immune system stronger. It doesn't necessarily stop them getting the disease but can make them more able to fight infection and lessen the symptoms. Our old dog always came out of kennels with a bout of it even having been vaccinated (as they have to be to go into kennels).

Linby said...

so glad she is better now. When mine went in kennels once although vaccinated against the cough he got laryngitis for barking so much whilst I was away - never put him in again, I felt so guilty!

Laila said...

Ohhhh, I'm so relieved to hear she's doing much better :O) That's great news dear.
Hugs to little Gem from me :o)
Hugs Laila

Audrey said...

I love your little gem. Thank you for the lovely digi and I will post a card very soon using it. I also have a little girl a Papillon. She is now 10 yrs old but as lively as a puppy especially id we bye bye (ride in the car) Glad Gem is better and you are a gem for loving her so much
God Bless

Anonymous said...

So pleased she is feeling better. It's always a worry with our fur-babies, isn't it? They can't tell us what's wrong and how they're feeling. Hope Gem continues to get better. Jude.x

Wendy said...

So pleased to hear Gem is feeling better Janet.
Wendy xx

Heidi said...

Hallo Janet, glad Gem is feeling better. hugs heidi x

Nannieflash said...

Glad to hear that Gem is on the mend, and just because shes been vacinated it doesnt mean they wont catch Kennel Cough, hubby says it covers a multitude of chest infections, but Im glad shes feeling a lot better. hugs Shirleyxx

sandy's crafty bits said...

oh my goodness sorry to hear gem is proper poorly and hope all is well now ... i love your little digi and will post a card real soon ... happy crafting love sandy xx

Denise and Louise said...

Hi Janet
So pleased to hear Gem is back on the road to recovery - it is very worrying when our beloved pets become ill as the cannot tell you what is wrong.
My daughters dog had something very similar but she was constantly sneezing. The vet said it was Kennel Cough but she never did develop the cough, so we are not convinced it was. Whatever she had, it was horrible seeing her like that so I know how you must have felt.
Denise xx

dottielottie said...

Hi Janet, Glad to hear Gem is feeling better.I wonder if she has been playing the sympathy, and the big guilt card.Like, how could THEY! leave me in THAT PLACE! now it's pay back!!!and of course you do feel awful and guilty.So for Gem its mission accomplished, she forgives you!!!Ha ha who says animals are dumb?
Lottie x

Jennifer said... many nasties around for humans so I guess it must be the same for dogs if they mix with others. Hope she's back to full health now xx Jenny xx

Sarpreet said...

I am pleased to hear that Gem is doing better, it sounds like the fresh air did her good