Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dirty Beastie!

My little dog Gem loves her walks but she does have a habit of rolling especially when Mums back is turned!
The result is 'bathtime' which she hates....she runs and hides as soon as I take her collar off lol!

She is really good once I get her into the bath though bless her :)



Jane said...

Fab pics Janet, my little Westie adores bath time, we say she is high maintenance! Jane x

Exclusively by Mel said...

Oh bless!!!
She looks so cute. Benny has a shower, as we don't have a bath.
But as soon as his collar comes off, he runs!
I love your dog Janet. xx

mckinkle said...

Super photos Janet! Im just about to put one up of one of my girls who did a bit of wriggling in something quite disgusting too! Problem was we were on holiday at the time so she had to get in the shower and get washed off, no luxury of a nice hot bath for her though!
Keryn x

Betty Benton said...

What a precious pooch! With those eyes how could you ever say "no" to her? Thank you for the snowman image.

Denise and Louise said...

Oh bless her - love the photos.
My daughter's dog loves her baths but we don't.....she turns into a Gremlin when she gets wet and runs around the house like a lunatic for about half an hour!!!!! Strange considering she is a Spanish "Water" dog - lol
Denise xx

CraftyLoops said...

Awww look how cute her wee face is. Thankfully we dont have to worry about this with having a cat......though the rain doesnt bother her the way it should do so she does come home a bit of a soggy moggy sometimes. Lee x

Sandra said...

Janet l just love your captons!! and your little gem looks content my Luci (rip) used to shower me all the time she didn't like baths :) Sandra H

Claire said...

Awww how cute.... and even cuter when wet... xx

Christine said...

Awe Janet what you like poor Gem having her pics all over blogland..& in her birthday suit long time since I bathed any dogs now...

smiles Christine xx

Nannieflash said...

I bet she didnt halve smell, my lassie collie used to find alful things to roll especially foxes dirt. My yorkies not to keen on the bath either, or the dryer. hugs Shirleyxxx

Lisa Jane said...

oh we had a cairn who used to love rolling in nasty stuff lol.. those pics brought back lovely memories lol
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

Awww! My Bella hates having a bath. Start to end she struggles. And gets her revenge by soaking me. lol

Great snowman freebie! Thank you! I hope to use it on some Christmas cards. :)

xGemmax said...

Such cute photos Janet!!

My staffie likes a bath..he likes it that much when he see's the bath he starts to do..what looks like a little dance & then jumps straight in Lol
have a great weekend hun
hugs and xxx