Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas Shopping - Day 1

Yes it's that time of year again.....just don't know where the time goes....seems like last christmas was only a couple of months back!
I must be getting old Mum says the older you get the quicker time flies by and she is right!
I thought I better venture out and make a start on the gift shopping.
I bought a couple of pressies but the best buy of all was these gorgeous slippers from Next

.....and better still I bought them for myself....too good to giveaway lol!
I love these furry boot type of slips as my feet get so cold sitting working on the comp (another sign of old age lol)
I got the last medium pair in the shop and the assistant said there were only 1 pair of small left in the store.....apparently everyones been buying them:)
So if you want to buy a pair  for a loved one or even better for yourself....get yourself around to Next sharpish or better still order online so you will  not to be dissapointed

Does anyone remember this album released in 1979?
We had it when our kids were little and they loved it!
Well we have just dowloaded it from  iTunes.
It's such a lovely album and it brings back so many happy memories :)
Guess what we will be eating our Christmas dinner to this year lol!



Lisa Jane said...

ooh those boots look so cosy .. i bet you look fab in them! I remember the album lol..oh heck am i that old??
Lisa x

Denise and Louise said...

Those boot slippers are gorgeous. I remember the album and love John Denver - sadly missed.
Denise xx

Sandra said...

Wow fabulous boots and l too remember the album:) Sandra H

Di said...

Lovely cosy booties - and I remember the John Denver album so well. The Muppets were the highlight of the week - and I was well out of my pram at the time too! Stay cosy :) Di xx

Sue said...

Very cosy looking slippers Janet,no I never even knew he did this album.
Sue x

Chris said...

Hi Janet! It was so lovely to see your comment, thank you and I hope you're well, we must get back in touch!! Love those slippers, so cosy looking. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Chris xx

Wendy said...

I love boots like that to they look yummy and cosy I love the muppets.


Nannieflash said...

Hi Janet glad to hear youve spoilt yourself I would to if i found those boots they look really fabulous. hugs Shirleyxxx