Sunday, 22 April 2012

Buying a New Property in the UK?

Then please beware of the pitfalls!

Buyers not buy a house from Taylor Wimpey . We bought a new house eight years ago and still the roads have not been finished and adopted by the council. There is another estate a couple of miles away who have been waiting twelve years for the roads on their estate to be finished and adopted by the council. We formed a residents association and have been fighting for the roads to be completed for the last eight years........we have now taken to picketing new Wimpey estates in our local vicinity to warn other potential buyers of the pitfalls of buying from Taylor Wimpey. If you would like to show your support please leave a comment on the Taylor Wimpey FB page and let them know your thoughts!


Berni said...

Wow Janet, thats really bad!

I'm in the process of buying a new Barratt house, but we put a reservation deposit on a Taylor Wimpey 6 months ago that fell through.

Sounds like it was a lucky escape!

Hope you get it sorted soon
Berni xx

Claire said...

Goodness me Janet what a nightmare! I have only bought homes through Bryant and Persimmon and had no problems with them at all.

I have a friend who moved into her Wimpey home in October last year and her Daughter also a friend of mine is buying on the same estate - haven't been in touch with her for a while and I know they are still building, but will certainly let her know. Hugs, Claire x

Sandra H said...

That sounds bad Janet glad we won't be looking to buy with them:)x