Friday, 20 June 2008

Autumn Max & Autumn Milly Preview

My Autumn Max & Autumn Milly stamp designs are now being previewed on the Spiral Whisper blog. I tried to capture the English Autumn through memories of my own children when they were young. Hope you like them!
Janet X


bubblegum said...

Hi Janet, your drawings are amazing :) :) I have been over to SW to see them - good luck for the launch. :) :)

I have some drawings with them aswell and hopefully see some previews this weekend. ;)

Debbie xx

NATALIE said...

hello, just had a look and they are really good, I ecspecially like the autumn max =)

Vicky said...

i like max and milly very much janet... they will take you far, i am sure!!! cant wait for them to come on sale... :) xx

superstar67 said...

hi janet your stamps are brill well done

sharon x

Anna said...

Your drawings look fantastic on the Spiral Whisper blog. Congratulations!

Ruth said...

Hi Janet just to say your Autumn Max & Milly are just so adorable, cant wait to buy them, Im hoping we are going to have a little Gem stamp too!!! have a good holiday and good Luck with the Launch, though Im sure you wont need it as they will just fly out the doors.
Love Ruthie xxx

Emma said...

Janet just keep doing what you are it seems to be working! LOL! Its just such a shame that some people are so included!
Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you. Hugs Emma.x

Nessie said...

Your designs are fab & you have one definate order from me. Please don't let jelous people bother you, for each jelous malicious person there are ten more supporting you!!!!

Your cards are inspirational.


All Pink girl said...

Oh wow your designs are fabulous i can see them being a must on my shopping list ,huge congrats Dawnx