Tuesday, 19 May 2009

New Stamp Releases!

Summer milly
Our new June releases are arriving with us early than expected. So rather than keep you all waiting we have decided to release them sooner. The new stamps will be dispatched on Saturday along with any of our other stamps you may order with them.
There are 2 new Mimi stamps including 'Ice Cream Mimi' shown on the card below, 3 new Sprinkles Fairy stamps, & 3 new Milly. The one shown above is called Summer Milly. Milly is sitting on her favorite log once again! We now have the four seasons of Milly on her log. When I first designed Milly I drew her sitting on a log and called it Autumn Milly. Then Winter approached so I thought it would be fun to draw her sitting on a snow covered log so we had Winter Milly. Spring Milly followed and now Summer Milly. I think this Summer one is now my favorite from all the four Seasons. Autumn Milly & Winter Milly will be appearing again on the website towards the end of the Summer.
If you would like to see the new designs over at click HERE

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