Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Is blogger playing up or is it just us? It has been throwing me off my own and other peeps blogs for the last couple of days. I have been trying to leave comments on other blogs this morning but have given up as I am finding it impossible!!! A big thank you to everyone for your lovely comments.......I will get round to visiting you when normal service returns!X


Jo Austin said...

blogger has been having a bit of a strop lately. I have taken to using firefox as my browser, as I've found that this works alot better than IE which blogger was having problems with a while ago.

also, it could be the followers section, unless they've rectified this problem.

check out the blogger website for updates on any current problems too.. this may help.

Jo x

Kathleen said...

I am having trouble open your blog this last couple of days until morning which I manage this message wether the problem is on your computer or mine as I manage to open some blogs and not others.
I keep getting 'Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site.' Will try to solve the problem soon I hope. Kathleen x

Avril Ann said...

Janet I think we have all had problems....Do you use Internet Explorer, cos they did an update to 8.0 and after that there was problems, try downloading "Firefox" this is easier and quicker....Also I think broadband is having problems everywhere. I had the engineer in yesterday and everything seems okay now, but I have lost faith....hugs Avril xx

Gill said...

It is a problem with IE8 rather than blogger :-( something to do with compatibility settings


Mel said...

I too had so many problems so now use Safari for blog hoping much better :)
Mel x

Sandie said...

I haven't used IE in a couple of years. I've NEVER had any problems browsing/leaving comments and I'm putting it down to the fact that I use Firefox. I know my friends were having awful trouble 2 days ago - they are now on Firefox too, and having no more problems.

HERE IS THE LINK - if you want to try it out

Kelly said...

same here! I keep getting thrown off. I thought it was becasue I tried to download something the other night but it wouldnnt accept. Glad it not just me. I hope it gets back to normal soon!

Anonymous said...

I was having trouble with mine a while back Janet, know how u feel, so annoying! I deffo recommend Firefox, love it! Thats what i use now.
Erin x