Saturday, 18 July 2009

A Lovely Award!

I have had this lovely award given to me by Shirley (Nannieflash) She is such a sweetie!.....Thank you Shirley! I am supposed to pass it onto others but this is something I am not good at so I would like to award it to all the lovely visitors who pass my way and leave such lovely comments!
I must apologise for my lack of card making at the moment but I am concentrating on some new stamp designs.
I was wide awake at 4.30 am this morning so decided to take a trip to the Next Sale which started at 5am (yes mad....I know lol) Well I couldn't believe how full the car park was when I arrived.....looked like a Saturday I wasn't the only mad person & I did manage to bag a few bargains!


Sandie said...

OOh, thank you for the award then ;)

I hit the Next sale this morning too, but not until 6am. Couldn't believe how many people will actually get out of bed at that hour to get a bargain, lol.

I snagged some bargains myself ;)

Nannieflash said...

You are most welcome to the award Janet, and I hope all your lovely followers take it to as its a real lovely one.
I see you enjoyed your trip to the sales, its a shame we done get to see them. Never mind, with love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

SallyB said...

I have done the 5am Next sale thing once and that was enough. The queue was right down the street! Madness.
Lovely cards and stamps!

daniele-haddon said...

The next sale is an endurance test I did the Xmas one with my daughter never again. I have just discovered these stamps and whilst on holiday in Italy I coloured some in ready to make into cards