Friday, 21 August 2009


Meg With Flowers

Little Gem With Flowers

Great news! Two of our best sellers are now back in stock at Pink Gem Designs 'Meg With Flowers' & 'Little Gem With Flowers' We also have some lovely Christmas Sentiments see them here


Melissa said...

Hi Janet, hope all is well with you in your side of the world. I have been in Hospital with Gall Bladder probs.Have to have an OP soon. Anyways just wanted to say how much i love the new look of your blog....GORGEOUS. Have a great weekend!!!!!!!

Karen said...

I love that cats expression. It's a "who me" sort of look.

I've left something here for you.

Love Karen x

Christine said...

Hi Janet Ive left you something on my blog to collect....

hugs Christine xx