Tuesday 30 April 2013

Ahoy There!

I love Pirate Andy & Pirate Chloe so much.....I had to design some Pirate Accessories to go with them!

Treasure Island

An example of the Pirate Ship Set using Pirate Chloe who is not included but is available separately

An Example of 'Treasure Island' using 'Pirate Andy' who is not included but is available separatley

All files come in high resolution 300 dpi without copyright info.
The images shown here are low resolution with copyright info
The files are in BOTH blackline (so you can colour yourself) and pre coloured for when you need to make a card quickly
Andy & Chloe digi stamps can be found here
Character Accessorie digi stamps can be found here

Sunday 21 April 2013

Grungy Sentiments

These Grungy Sentiment Sets are the latest release from Pink Gem Designs
They come as 8 separate png file in each set
Just copy and paste them into a Microsoft Office Publisher Document or any graphics programme, resize save to jpg and print :)
Because the backgrounds are totally see through you can place them over your favorite paper or fill a square with colour and place the png in front to have your sentiment in the colour/pattern of your choice :)
You can find them here


 Sometimes people email me after they have bought the white png files to say there is nothing showing on screen when they open the files or they are printing blank.
This is because the words are white the same colour as your background and also the background is totally see through...... you have to put a background behind the png file in order to be able to print the white words

Here is something I did earlier in Microsoft Office Publisher but you can use any graphic software that you are familiar with

You could copy  and paste some patterned digital paper into the document or make a coloured square like me.
Use the Rectangle tool to draw the square and click the paint bucket symbol above
You can resize by dragging the corner handles

Next copy your png file and paste it into the document and move it in front of the square

Again you can drag the corner handles and make it the size you want.
Now you are ready to print so you need to save the image as a jpg to you desktop like this

Of course you can add more designs to your sheet and print a lot of sentiments at once especially if you make them smaller :)
So there you go it's easy peasy to print white sentiments....and it's just the same principal to add a watermark  to your photographs too!

Friday 19 April 2013

Friday 12 April 2013

Monster Fun!

Afternoon everyone.......the sun is shining and it is beginning to feel like spring at last ;)
I have been thinking about Fathers Day on June 16th and came up with these cute Monsters for the men in your life
Some of you may remember 'Beer Monster' as a polymer stamp.....well he is now available as a digi!

You can find 'Beer Monster' & 'Golf Monster' here
Both come with a bonus sentiment too

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Pirate Chloe

As soon as Chloe saw her brother Andy dressed as a pirate she wanted to dress up too!
You can find her here
As usual the digis come in both blackline  (which you can colour yourself) and pre coloured files
Have Fun! :)