Thursday, 3 April 2008


I have been tagged by the talented Deborah and I now have to tell you 7 random things about myself. Now why any body would want to know these things the mind boggles but I must play the game then tag three other LUCKY PEOPLE lol!

Here goes:-

1. I have a Cain Terrier called Gem (Gembobs)

2. My favorite colour is Pink, pink, and more pink

3. I have three grown up children

4. I have three gorgeous grandchildren

5. I love drinking wine

6. I was born in Hunslet, Leeds

7. My picture is going to be on the back of May/Junes edition of the Do crafts magasine as an advert for their forum. I had an email the other day asking for my permission lol

Now let me see who am I going to tag. Well one has got to be Sharon my Do Crafts forum buddy and fellow Leeds girl. The lovely Kerry and Stacey now I just hope these links work lol!


Stacey said...

Oh my goodness! You are going to be in the docrafts mag! How funny! I shall have to make doubly sure I get that extra special copy won't I?! Congratulations! ~x~

pickle said...

Woo hoo in the docrafts mag.
Will you be to famous to blog with us now? lol

kerry xx

Janet said...

I am only going to be on the back of the Docrafts mag not "in it". They are just using my pic as an ad for the forum lol.