Friday, 4 April 2008

Won Some Blog Candy!!!

I am so excited!!!!!!! My blog has only been up and running just over a week and already I have won some gorgeous blog candy from the lovely Debby over at A Scrapjourney She had 78 posts made on her Di Hickman Challenge which she posted on Sunday 30th March. She printed the posts and got her DH to draw them from a bag (with his hairy arm lol) and guess what he pulled out...... my post!!! I am still in shock! I am so thrilled so thank you so much Debby and please give your hubby a big kiss from me!
Janet X X X


Stacey said...

Look at all of your lovely loot! I'm excited too as I won some candy the other day and it is due to arrive Monday. I love this blogging lark! ~x~

pickle said...

Wow you are lucky.
I've just rubbed your piccie see if i can pick up a bit of your luck.
kerry x