Monday, 7 April 2008

Sooooo Excited!

I sent three cards to Simply Cards and Papercraft over the last few weeks in hope of them being published in the readers gallery. I have just had a phone call from the editor and she said she would like to do a two page spread about me called Introducing...... I have to send four more cards and fill in a questionare about myself. I am so thrilled! I have posted some pictures of the cards I sent. The pink one was made with last months free papers from the magasine.
The article is going to be in Issue 46 onsale May 29th
Janet X


Sharon said...

Well done you!!!!
I'm not at all surprised, your cards are fab.
Sharon xx

Stacey said...

That is brilliant! Congratulations Janet! Make sure you tell us which issue its going to be nearer the time so that we can all buy it! And so the lucky streak continues.....! ~x~

sandra_w said...

Congratulations Janet!! Your cards are great!

Chrissy said...

Well done :-)Your cards are beautifully put together tho' so I can understand why - ChrissyX

pickle said...

Woo hoo congratulations Janet!!
I'm not surprised either your cards are fab.
kerry x

Saz said...

Congratulations janet your cards are lovely like always

lola rose said...

Congratulations Janet!!
That's ANOTHER magazine I need to reserve with my newsagent. lol!
I think we'd better keep an eye on you - you'll be on QVC next week : ) Great cards!

Best Wishes,

Julie said...

Congratulations, look forward to reading the article

Suzy Longbottom said...

Well done, Janet!

It is well deserved, can't wait to read it. Your creations are all fab. Suzy xx

Kim said...

Well now what did I say!!!!

Its very exciting seeing your creations in print, well done you deserve it.......