Thursday 29 May 2008

Simply Cards and Papercraft

I am so pleased to be in this months Issue of Simply Cards and Papercraft Issue 46 Introducing a new designer feature. They say everyone has 5 mins of fame so this must be mine! lol

Janet X


Karen said...

Hi Janet,

This is brilliant, well done. I had picked up a copy today completely forgetting that you had mentioned that you were going to be in it. What with this and the stamps you really are going to be famous!
Karen x

P.S. I sent you an email reply yesterday. K

Stacey said...

Isn't it great?! I was thinking about scanning you a copy the other day but then decided not too as it would be far more exciting for you to see it for the first time in the flesh!

A massive congratulations!

Victoria said...

Well done Janet!

You must be pleased as punch!

Enjoy your fame, you deserve it, your cards are FAB!


Vicky x

NGCARDS said...

oh my word I never guessed it was you, i loved the stuff i saw in the magazine, i read it today lol
even downloaded the pnik petticoat images of the lady after seing this lol

i would be honoured if you added my blog onto yours, i love your work as it gives me so much inspiration =D


Julia said...

Well done!! I need to go and buy a copy now!

Just call me G said...

Just goes to show that talent is recognised and appreciated.. be proud of your yourself Janet... well done !


Sharon said...

Woooo hoooo you must be so pleased I'm so excited as an onlooker so you must be beside yourself lol!!
Well done.
Sharon :-)x

Sonia said...

Congratulations :) Your cards are amazing, so you deserve your moment of glory.
Sonia x

simplyfairies said...

Ohhhh Janet me thinks much much longer than 5 mins, your too talented to be a five min wonder!!!!

Mrs Mayne said...

Well done Janet - that's fantastic news! x

Julie said...

Congratulations, you soo deserve it