Wednesday 28 April 2010

Can't Upload Photo's - Help!

I have spent all morning making a card but I am getting so frustrated as I can't upload the photo's!
They are on my desktop but when I try to upload photos instead of me being able to access my computer files it says

Add Images

From This blog
From Picasso Web albums
From A URL

There is not an option to upload from my computer
Am I missing something? It was perfectly normal yesterday
I am not very good with please lol!!


Deb said...

see the upload in the on upload and you can upload as usual...had me stumped for a while last night too! hugs Debx

tracy said...

put the pics in photobucket, then copy the http code third row i think come back to the blog then paste
i had the same thing last night, seems the blogs have changed how we do things without telling us, i used to just locate them on my files.


Hi Janet
I have had the same probs had to add them in picasso albums to beable to upload pics,
Hugs Dianne xx

Jodi said...

Janet ~ For awhile there, I thought it was just me....I've been having the same problems since last night. I have tried using the upload square Deb mentioned but keep getting a "server rejected" error. I just want to upload pictures directly from my computer like always......what a pain this is!

Janet said...

Got it sussed now girls!
I clicked upload from this blog then clicked the upload button and then I could just do it in the same way......I do wish they would tell you these changes are going to happen.....thought I had done something to cause it lol!! x

Dragonlady said...

Hi Janet

Yep, I was scared stiff I wouldn't be able to do my two posts for tomorrow because of this. Shame we didn't have any warning.

HUgs Ali x

Sarpreet said...

Hi, glad you sussed it out, i got annoyed, opened the image page, went looking for a good photo site, by the time it upload to this blog appeared

Nannieflash said...

I discovered this damn notice on my blog today as well, you have to upload the photo into their picasso album then you will be able to add it to your blog, it took me awhile to sort it out, I can see youve managed to do it today so obviously you managed to do it. With lov and hugs Shirleyxxx