Tuesday 15 February 2011

Weight Watching!

Why can't I eat what I want and not put on weight!
I need to lose at least a stone before summer arrives or all my clothes will be too tight
I am thinking of joining weight watchers online
I have been to meetings in the past and enjoyed following the programme
Hubby says I can do it on my own which I suppose he is right in theory
I know what to eat and not to but I need motivation
Haven't really got time for meetings and as I am on the computer working all day I thought the online option would be good
Has anyone else followed WW would be interesting to hear your views so please leave me a comment
........oh and if anyone knows how to make a stone in weight instantly dissapear please let me know lol!
Hubby has bought me an X Box Kinect as it's my birthday this month we can both get fit
It's not set up yet but it looks like fun!



Berry said...

Hi Janet yuk to diets I'm just rubbish at them! The xbox connect looks fab we have the Wii fit and it does get you fit just through fun I guess! I have never tried any online diet plan, sorry can't help, but I don't think I would be as successful as if I went along to a meeting but who knows? I generally have to rely on my own self will which is not always that successful lol! good luck hugs Rebekah xx

Unknown said...

Hi Janet, We have the Kinect too.... but the kids use it hehe... As for weigh watchers I have re joined... yes go to fat club too off tomorrow to weight in... I've subscribe to a monthly pass think first month is £12.99 and then £19.99 thereafter until you cancel. This enables you to use the online tracking and weight loss and other tools and forums also to go to any class. The new Pro Points is different soo much to eat, I'm struggling to eat my daily points never mind the weekly ones too. Jo xxx

Tracey said...

hi janet .I have not used the online weight watchers but have heard its just as good as attending the meetings . i started on the new pro points from weight watcher 5 weeks ago and have lost 16 n half pounds . i only go to get weighed like you there is never enough time in the day to stay for meetings . like joe im struggling to eat the daily allowence too you can eat so much now , i seem to eat more than my family does and feel so quilty lol, good luck it be great to hear how you get on xx

Paula said...

Hiya Janet,

I follow the WW plan but i go to the meetings but because i have a monthly pass i get the use of E Source which is the online thingy so its just the same i think and its very useful. They have just changed there plan to Pro Points i struggled at first to make the change from the normal points plan but now i wouldnt change back its a great plan to follow and you can eat so much more ie fruit is now 0 points. So far since June ive lost 39lb and i feel so much better. Hope this helps and if you need any more info just ask.

Hugs Paula xxxx

Janet said...

It sounds good girls! I have been following the points programme on and off for the last 12 years so I am looking forward to trying the new Pro Points......haven't got the time to attend meetings..... plus I would be going on my own so I think I will sign up to the online WW. I am having a cup of tea and a Kit Kat while I think about it lol!

Nic aka The Sticky Elf said...

Hi janet,

I tried WW online a number of years ago and I really didn't get on with it at all. TBH I think it was the plan more than the online support. I've always been a Slimming World girl and the idea of counting an apple as points was just alien to me. As you are already familiar with the plan then you'll probably be ok. The new pro points system (from what I've heard) is similar to Slimming World. I LOVE Slimming World and would highly recommend it. It's not like being on a diet at all. I've lost 29.5lbs since I rejoined back in June having had a baby.

Janet said...

Thanks Nic,

Have tried Slimming World but didn't get on with it......found it quite restricting when eating on the go.......couldn't go to McDonalds etc.....the kids were younger then. It's the only diet I have ever followed and PUT weight on lol! Weight Watchers has always worked for me.......and I could have a McChicken Sandwich with some of my WW points lol!

Unknown said...

I too Love Slimming World I thought WW was starvation. The extra easy means almost everything is free and once you get into it it is so easy. Mary x

Anne-Marie said...

I tried the on-line version last year....lost some weight, but going to meetings is the better choice for me....ProPoints is SUCH a big improvement....good luck, Janet!

Purple Card Lady said...

Janet, I am doing it now and I think the new version of WWonline is really helpful and full of useful information.

Janet said...

Thanks for all your input girls. It's interesting how some diets suit some of us more than others :)

My Need 2 Craft said...

My bestie and my cousin use WW online. I used to do WW but only lost 9lbs in 3 months???
Here is my free tip that cost me 100's of dollars almost 2 years ago now on a weight loss program from my doctors office. (Very successful for me, I lost 45lbs in about 6 months)
Eat 5 small healthy meals/snacks (around 100 - 160 calories each) plus one lean (beef, chicken, pork etc) and green (green vegetables of your choice, broccoli, asparagus, zucchini etc) (you can do this for dinner or lunch at around 260 calories) Lot's of water, no soda's, juice or sweetened drinks. Don't add sugars to your coffee/tea. Light on the dairy (fat free or 1% milk). Low carbs. And no starches (potatoes, carrots, corn, peas) and no fruit. Once you get down to what weight you want to be at, you can slowly add these back into your diet. It has been over a year and now that I have changed my eating habits I still have kept the weight off. And now I can eat everything in moderation. And I still eat 5 small meals/snacks and dinner. My calorie intake is about 1000-1500. Plus I walk up to 6-8 miles a week and take Zumba classes 2-3 hours a week. You can do that on your gaming system. Yay! OK, probably more about me than you wanted to know, haha, but that is what worked for me. It is amazing how much energy I have now. Best of luck! Hugs,

Netty said...

Good luck with the weight loss. Not sure about on line dieting wouldn't you miss the motivation attending a meeting gives you. x

Sherry Kushibab said...

Made lifetime at WW years ago and then let it slip and slide, up and serious with them again 4 1/2 years ago and have now kept off 32 pounds and eat comfortably. On line tools are useful if you use them, the accountability of meetings and hints you pick up is helpful..I really enjoy my mtgs. and have met some great supportive women there.

Anonymous said...

I just joined WW on-line 3 weeks ago. This is also the first time I have ever joined WW. It is so easy to track points, learn to eat the right item and quantity.
I don't however, think you should be rewarded with points for physical activity. Why would you lose the calories you just burned? Doesn't make sense to me.
I will stick with it for the 3 months I signed up for and see how it goes.
I also do cardio daily and weight training 5 days a week.

Jackie said...

Hiya hun,
Well I started WW at a club a few months back (quite a few lol)... as have sons wedding in Bali in May... so that was my incentive... to date.. I have lost 2 and half stone.. (yep I was a fat begger).. (only put on in past few years since gave up my horse). ! I couldnt do it on my own, tried that, and lasted all of... erm.......... two days !... But if you have the will power... good for you girl. I still check out the E Source, and use this a lot. I got a monthly pass, as it ' makes me stick to it'... not chucking away good money ! lol HOpe you manage to stick to it on your own... but I know I need the meetings each week.. (will power of a gnat)... huge big hugz Jackie x hehe on cuppa and kitkat ! .. good thinking material that is !...
I found I done just as well on slimming world as WW... but know lots of peeps prefer one to the other.... at end of day... we just need to eat less (or in my case .... drink less) lol xxx good luck, and keep us informed how you get on... xx

Janet said...

Well all these comments have given me motivation to lose the weight so thank you girls.......this has been a bit like a meeting lol! I have decided to go it alone for a while and see how I get on......if the motivation starts to dwindle then I will sign up to online or maybe go to the proper meetings x

Ribbon Girl said...

if you do find out, tell me 'cos I need to lose at least 2 stone!! Mary G x