Monday, 4 July 2011

Back On the Diet!

Some of you may remember me starting a diet in February this year
I desperately needed to shed a stone for summer but things have not gone well!
I lost half a stone and it took three months!
Now I am stuck and have been going nowherefor the last 6 weeks
Well at least I didn't gain weight on my hols on the Yorkshire Coast
Had plenty of fish and chips but the occasional slim shake for breakfast and all the walking kept my weight stable lol
Now I have to take drastic action for our next holiday in Santorini in 8 weeks time........

Santorini (love this place)

so.............I have decided to take the Slim Fast option!

Will keep you posted lol!

Just editing to say I will be having 2 shakes a day with a sensible low fat meal in the evening and 3 fruit snacks in between so please don't worry lol
The shakes are packed with vitamins and minerals so I will probably feel energised on it.....I won't be having any wine either lol


MARY B said...

Good Luck. Mary x

Jo said...

Good Luck Janet. Jo x

Squirrel x said...

OMG girl, that's a bit drastic! Just you be careful on that and if you start to feel yuck, stop the diet!!! Listen to Dr Squirrel! Hugs Sxx

Judi said...

Good luck with it Janet! I wish I could find some will power!

Judi x

Lisa said...

Good Luck Janet! I have been on a diet and have lost 11 lbs in the last couple of months. If I could lose another 11 I would be happy.

Perhaps we should start up an online PGD slimming club lol!

Lisa x

Christine said...

Morning Janet am sure you WILL get there good luck & hubby too..just think NO COOKING ahhh heaven..LOL

smiles Christine xx

Wendy said...

Good luck Janet,beautiful photo of Santorini.
Wendy xx

Sue said...

Good luck Janet,I would be ok if I left the bread alone.
Hugs Sue xx

Nannieflash said...

Oh Dear Janet, I think we all feel that we should be on a diet but your choice does sound a bit extreme, good luck. hugs Shirleyx

Netty said...

I agree with Squirrel this is just a quick fix and not the answer. Just take care your health is far more important. xx

D K Crafts said...

Hi Janet. Good luck with your diet and your holiday picture looks great. Donna

Moni said...

Good luck! Santorini is fab place I have been there on vacation and had fab time. You need to visit all beaches. Hugs,moni

Lisa Jane said...

OOH Good luck JANET. All the DT at Ladybug crafts ink are dieting and we have a diet club and weekly weigh in.. its def helping me having people to support me and chat to when i am craving choccie lol
Lisa x

Anne-Marie said...

Janet....I started on the Slimfast this morning, too.....going to New York in November and need to lose 2 stones....good luck, sweetie!

Exclusively by Mel said...

Oh how lovely that your going to Santorini.
Good luck with the shakes.
Mel. xx

Heidi said...

good luck with the shakes Janet, think perhaps this is what I should be trying, nothing else is working at the moment. Never mind hols next week and that is always a nono for dieting. hugs heidi x