Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Why Did I Buy This?

Ever buy things then forget what you bought them for?
Please tell me I am not the only one lol
I found this when I was tidying my ink pad draw
I bought it a few months ago as I had seen some project at the time and felt the need for it
I can't for the life of me remember what it was now
I get so many ideas floating around it my head......I really must start writing them down lol
It does look interesting though...... so any ideas and links to any projects would be welcome
Maybe you saw and tried the project I bought it for lol
I love trying out new things!



Jane (Carroll's Creations) said...

Oh I love this pad. Great for Christmas with stamping snowflakes onto acetate :)

Hugs Jane x

Janet said...

Thanks Jane! x

angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
i have bay this ones
but never work with it
at the time i should make backeground with this
first you stamp what you like on your paper, let it dry for 24 hours
then with a different color you can go over this light and there you gost of what you've stampt
let me know when you've try it
at this time i've not the time to do this
hugs angelique

Kathyk said...

One of my pals bought the same pad at the weekend because she'd heard it was great - so maybe you should tap it and unwrap it and get inky!

I think we've ALL bought something for a project we've admired and then forgotten about!


Janet said...

Think I maybe getting the idea why I bought it now Angelique :)

Squirrel x said...

LOL Janet, bought it myself, used it once - been in the back of the cupboard for four years! Hugs Sxx

Cally said...

I have one of those too. I think I bought it after a Craft class. can't remember for the life of me why!! :-)

Janet said...

Lol.....glad it's not just me Cally!x

Tini A. said...

I have it too - it's great to stamp whith sentiments (text) on black cardstock!!!

Judi said...

Oh my word! Looks like someone had a good sales pitch on this item, as I have an unused one in my cupboard too!! Make sure you let us know what you do with it Janet, then maybe we can all get some use our of our purchase, lol.


Judi x

Christine said...

Yes Janet Ive had this & to be truthful I found it wasnt as good as using white embossing pwd. for the projects I wanted it for..the pad dried up very quickly..(yes I know it was dry when new) LOL..mostly used it for Xmas can get it in other colours too..I remeber Pink/Blue

smiles Christine xx

Laila said...

Can't wait to see what you'll use it for dear :O) never seen it before, but it looks a bit interesting ;O)
Hugs Laila

angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
your welcome hunni
hugs angelique

Michelle B. said...

LOL, I have one too that I've never used!

Happy Days said...

I have one and used it for this card

I have to say that it does dry out quite quickly.

Jessica said...

Here's a link that has some cool projects that used this product . . .
Maybe we should all start a blog page that is a support group just for this reason...
crafty must have purchasing and forgetfulness 101

Debsg said...

I have exactly the same and it's still in its packaging barely used too!

Wendalyn said...

haha i have the same thing and can't remember what i bought it for i think it was stamping on acetate? I bought one of those glue ink pads too that i have no clue on what to do with it - it's probably dried out now.