Tuesday 27 April 2010

ProMarker Tutorial - Clothing

Today I am going to show you how I colour Chloe's clothing with ProMarkers
You can see how I coloured her Skin here and also her hair here

For her dungarees I am using
Pastel Blue C719
Powder Blue B129
Denim Blue C917

As I have said before work on one section of the image at a time as the inks 'blend' better when they are wet
Work in small circular motions as you add the colour
Firstly I coloured this section of Chloe's Dungarees with Pastel Blue.......I then added Powder Blue where I think the shadow would be.......I then blended it with Pastel Blue by dragging out the colour (circular motion)

You may chose to stick with two colours for your shading which is usualy enough.......but sometimes I add a third colour.......especially with Jeans!
I have added a touch of  Denim Blue where I think the darkest shadow would be.........

..........I then blend it out first with the Powder Blue and then with the Pastel Blue. It's just a case of blending and softening the look where the different shades meet

I then start to work on one of Chloe's legs by colouring it with the lightest pen Pastel Blue

Bulding up the colour.......

..........and blending

I colour the other leg in the same way

Next I am going to colour Chloe's top using

Pastel Pink R738
Cocktail Pink R438

You may have colours which are closer in shade but because I have just started to build my collection I have to use what I have got

First I colour a sleeve with Pastel Pink

I add Cocktail Pink again where I think the shadows would be and blend it again in a circular motion

I colour the rest of Chloe's top in the same way...........

......and the rest of the image

To finish off I go around the image with

This softens the look and puts a nice shadow effect around Chloe

If you wish you can add hightlights with a white Gel pen

Well thats the third and final part  of my colouring tutorial!
I hope it may help you with your colouring
Remember practice makes perfect and everyone finds their own way of doing things in the end.......
.......but most of all have fun!



Christine said...

Hiya Janet many thanks again for another tute...very useful.

Hugs Christine xx

Sheila said...

Janet, You are a star - your tutes are so easy to follow. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! Sheila:)X

Claire said...

Love it .... thats it need to purchase some PMs very soon! LOL. Thanks for a super tutorial Janet. Hugs, Claire x

Sarah said...

Wow Janet, Chloe looks stunning, your tutorial is brilliantly detailed xxx

Louise said...

Great tutorial, thank you Janet.
Louise x

Kat said...

Thanks for another great tutorial Janet. Really helpful.

Kat x

Sarah A said...

Thanks Janet

It is always great to know that even with limited colours you can still acheive great results.

Sarah x

Sam said...

Thanks for that hun I was having probs with mine having got used to copics and doing it the other way round - dark to light. I'll give it a go soon.
Sam x

Margarets designer cards said...

Oh thank you for this I am very new to promakers, I only got some on sunday and still have not had time to play, I understood it perfectly and will be coming back to read it again before I get time to play. thank you Margaret

inbaliya said...

Hi Janet! Thanks for my new Promarkers! they arrived today and now I will learn to color the stamps with them. I linked to your posts at my Hebrew blog - the dreams designer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this easy to follow tutorial. I continue to struggle to get my colouring just right, and I think this will help tremendously. Dee