Monday 20 December 2010


I  do like a white Christmas but things are getting OTT here in the UK
I have never known such cold temperatures
I feel so sorry for the people trapped in airpots etc that are trying to get home to see family for Christmas
The country is coming ro a standstill!
It took me ages to defrost the car this morning but I had orders to post and we don't like to let customers down.......We like to get orders off asap
The man who runs the post office said things are very slow postal wise at the moment
Anway on to Tesco I went after the PO......thought I better get some food in for Christmas before more bad weather arrives
I think everyone had the same idea as it was busy even though it was early
Well my boot wouldn't open......frozen solid...... so couldn't get my shopping bags out
When I came back out loaded with food (well it is Christmas and we are in the grip of an ice age lol!) the driver  door wouldn't open.......fozen solid!
Slight panic set in but managed to open the passenger door to climb across and open it from the inside.
Driving home wasn't good even on the main roads it was slippy
I got near home and was coming to a junction and started to brake early and gently (as husband always reminds me of this in icy conditions) nothing happened..... kept moving yikes!
I panicked a bit at this stage as traffic was coming down the hill on the road I was joining so I  pressed a bit harder......probably more than I should have........still kept sliding forward.....
.........then the car stopped just in time.......phew!!!!!!!!!!

I hope things warm up again in the UK soon!

Anyway a Very Merry Christmas Everyone.......where ever you may be!

Ooops started to snow again!



Julie said...

You are such a trooper Janet and far braver than me!!! I don't put my nose out of the door except to sort out the rabbit,bless him in his cosy hutch with hot water bottles regularly! I am so accident prone and have visions of spending time in A&E if I go any further! As one of you customers,I can vouch for your speedy turn around of orders,very much appreciated I can tell you! Have a Very Merry Christmas,Julie.x

Christine said...

Ohhh Janet how brave of you to drive in these conditions.. I know peeps are wanting their orders but there is a time to say when you just cant get going out once this wk.. hubby is driving..stay safe n warm..

smiles Christine xx

Laila said...

Once again you show, that you do everything to please the customers. That's so nice of you, though we would understand if you weren't able to send out in these condition....
I'm happy to hear, your car stopped right in time. We're also having very cold and snowie weather this winter. Brrr, it's so cold.....
Happy holidays to you too....
Hugs Laila

Unknown said...

It is complete madness isn't it! Pretty, pretty snow but it really does play havok with day to day life lol. x

Jennifer said...

Phew that was lucky Janet! I think you should stay home and send the orders after Christmas. I'm sure people will understand. They will only get held up by Royal Mail anyway, along with everyones Christmas shopping...including mine! Got a few prezzies stuck in the post at the moment..Merry Christmas! xx Jenny xx

Nannieflash said...

Oh Janet thats was a bit scarey, I bet you were glad to arrive back home I know I would be, it might be an idea to give the PO a miss for a few days while its like this, unless you can walk to it. Hope you have a wonderful Xmas, with love and hugs Shirelyxx