Tuesday 7 December 2010

The Trials and Tribulations Of A New Christmas Tree!

We decided to go very minimalistic this year with our Christmas Decs
We couldn't face rearanging the furniture to accomodate our very large Christmas Tree which usualy takes up one corner of the loung. It involves us emptying a large cuboard and carrying it to the dining room and it seems like only two minutes since last Christmas (Is this a sign we are getting old!)
So  I went out to buy a small tree which would sit on top of the cuboard.
When I got to the store and saw the small trees on offer I thought 'Nah......don't want one of those'
 I ended up with a six footer not so wide pre-lit (not for the cuboard but to put in front of the lounge window)
Now I went for pre-lit thinking this was an easy option.....don't be fooled!
The lights were all uneven and as they were attached to the tree it was a right job trying to get them even
Whats more I had just forked out £100 for this damn thing and bits were snapping off left right and centre
The lights were greeny white on the bottom two sections and pure white on the top section Grrrr!
The one on the shop floor wasn't like that!
So the tree was dismantled pushed back into the box and taken back to 'The Range' for a refund
So if you go to 'The Range' and you like the look of a pre-lit 'Sherwood' please be warned lol!
Next stop B&Q.........where I picked up another 6 foot not so wide cream tree and seperate lights for a fraction of the price I paid for the 1st tree
Hubby wasn't so keen when I walked in with a cream tree but he did like it when it was dressed
So here it is ........kept the decs minimal

I usualy dress up the fireplace with a garland & lights  but kept it simple this year
Can you see the sweet little robins on the mantlepeice?
I bought these and the Santa & gold trees from 'The Range'

.........and a view of outside



tilly said...

isn't there always something to catch you out lol......if only we could come home with what we had in mind, never mind it all looks lovely
Tilly x

Kathyk said...

And what you've ended up with is just lovely - Seasons Greetings


angelique (anlou) said...

hi janet
i just want to say oh my
your decoration is amazingly gorgeous
we don't do any christmas decorations because we are going to move to another house, we will receive the key 21 december, to bad for christmas
but it's a lovely new house
hugs angelique

Berry said...

Aww it looks fab Janet! I nearly lost it with my tree last night too, mine is fibre optic and never looks quite right! I love your minimal fireplace, lets just say we are NOT minimal here lol! hugs Rebekah xx

Nicki said...

Oooh, your tree looks lovely Janet, love the minimalist colours. I'm going to set mine up tonight if I can face wrestling with the lights and tinsel when I get home through the snow!

Hugs, Nicki, xx
(PS - love your wallpaper!)

D K Crafts said...

Hi Janet. Beautiful decorations. We had a problem with our real tree in the hall last night, it wouldn't stay up straight. Donna

Betty said...

Hi Janet
wow what a lovely tree, its nice to have a change at crimbo i think you have choosen well hun love the fireplace too lovely decorations.
Betty x x

Claire said...

Very festive Janet - love the tree - very unusual in cream, but I like alot. By the way loving that wallpaper too by the fireplace. All very nice. Hugs, Claire x

Netty said...

Your tree and decorations are beautiful Janet and love your little birds on the mantlepiece. Annette x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Thanks for sharing your decs with us Janet, they look so pretty. Love the cream tree and the gold. Marianne x

Lisa said...

Hi Janet, Your tree is stunning! I also love your wallpaper :-)

Lisa x

Minami said...

I really like the colour scheme on the tree, its lovely

Auntie Em said...

Love the cream tree. There was a reason the first one was a dud. You were just meant to have this pretty one to decorate instead! Your mantle is perfect. Simple is sooo much better!
Thank you for sharing and enjoy your holidays! :o)