Wednesday 5 December 2012

Early Christmas Present

Santa Claus came early and left me this Epson Stylus Photo R2000 A3 printer in my craft room!
 I have nick named it 'the beast' as it is massive compared to my Epson  SX453W lol
I was dissapointed last year when my old Epson printer died and we bought the SX453W which was offer at Sainsbury at the time. It just won't take anything thicker than Rymans Smooth Card at 200gsm. My other printer wasn't too keen mind but I used to force it to have it....that's what probably wore the rollers out lol. Anyway I have been moaning about not being able to print my papers on linen card ever since so hubby went online and did some research and thought this printer would be a good bet as it is built to take thick  art paper......and Epson ink is great for digis when it comes to colouring with alcohol markers and water colouring as it doesn't run.
Just getting used to using it now and the verdict is I love it!


Wendy said...

Ooh it looks fab I use a Epsom to and never have any probs with the ink and colouring with alcohol pens so I second your recommendation mine is quite big to but I have not nick named it lol maybe I should lol I haven't tried it with linen though.

Hugs Wendy

Sandra H said...

Oh lucky you! enjoy it xx

Cazzy said...

You are so lucky, this is the one I want!

Pat Clarke said...

Hi Janet. Love my Epson Photo RX640 to and that seems to take anything even 315gm. Bit costly on cartridges though, but worth it. Happy New Year