Wednesday 14 December 2011

Copyright Problem Sorted!

Today we have had a lovely email from Quiane of  Feltro - Aholic the foreign blog that had my 'Gingerbread Man' digi Image offered as a freebie 
It is a Brazilian blog in Portugese language
 Quaine has not been around the last couple of days to see the messages but as soon  as she did she contacted us :)
The blog is like a craft magazine (you will see it has a large following) anyway Quiane took over as editor August 2011 and someone else had already posted the 'Gingerbread Man' before her.
It looks like there are lots of different people who post on the blog
She was very apologetic and deleted the image immediately as she takes copyright very seriously and has posted an apology on her blog.....see's in Portugese mind lol
I am a very happy bunny tonight and I even have a new FB friend :)



Janice said...

Glad you got there in the end. Jx

Denise said...

So pleased this has been sorted xx

Jessica Buffa said...

Glad to hear it is taken care of and you gained a new friend along the way!!!

Christine said...

Pleased its all sorted Janet..

smiles Christine x

Sandra H said...

Hi Janet so please that its been sorted:) Sandra H

Crafty Loops said...

Im so pleased its been sorted out Janet. lets hope you never have to go through this type of stress again. Lee xx

Lawren said...

I am so glad everything worked out.

Wendy said...

I am so please for you hun I know it must have been horrible for you and frustrating so pleased it all worked out restores a little bit of faith

hugs hun


Berry said...

Excellent news janet so pleased it has been sorted hugs Rebekah xx

MagsB said...

I'm glad this has ended well!

love Mags B x

Arte Com Quiane said...

janet, the feltro-Aholic blog was created in 2009 by Carine, she is Brazilian and lives in Dubai, UAE. In July she started another project and invited me to be the new editor of the blog. She always searched for patterns with English words, so that may have reached in their work of gingerbread, I speak little English and I am editor of the blog in this blog post that I do all I always put down the credit in the form of link pointing to the place where I found the mold or the idea. this is my way of working. I was desperate when I read your comment on my facebook because they do not understand what was happening today was the last day of school in my son's school, here in Brazil calendar is different, I'm missing the feltroaholic and did not know what was happening! rsrs
Anyway, when you need something here in Brazil, look for me!
a kiss and I'm sorry

Edwina said...

That is wonderful! I am so happy for you! I felt really bad that someone in the Scraping/card making field would do such a thing. this is great that it is resolved. Edwina Brown

Christina Hicks said...

Thats great, a lot better than a mean person who was just ignoring you. And its always nice to make a new bloggy friend.

Di said...

Glad it's sorted out Janet! Di xx

Jan said...

Thank goodness for that Janet. It's good to no some people care.
thing is all this nasty business spoils it for others.
So pleased it's sorted. xx Jan

Lotta said...

Hi Janet! So glad it is sorted! Have a great day! Hugs Sandra