Thursday 15 December 2011

Grand Calibur Raspberry Plates!

Woo Hoo! The Grand Calibur Raspberry plates are here!
Last time we had these they flew out and it has taken us 2 months to get more.
These have been as rare in the UK as hens teeth lol
If Santa Claus is bringing you the Grand Calibur machine this Christmas you may need to add one of these to your wishlist!
If you want to use Sizzlets , Cuttlebug dies and folders in your Grand Calibur then you will need one of these adapter plates.....they do not come with the machines
Please read info here to make sure you put the right sandwich in your machines
A lady emailed me a while back to say her Raspberry Plate had broken in two......and what had she done wrong?
She told me the combo of plates she had used which was totaly the wrong 'Sandwich'
So please read the info in the link as you could not only break plates if you get the 'Sandwich' could also break your machine!
If you want one of these plates then please place your order quickly as we won't have these in stock for long
I know a lot of peeps are getting GC for Christmas and most won't realize until Christmas morning when they start to play with their new toy that they may need a GC Raspberry Plate :)
You can find our Raspberry Plates here


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Wendy said...

Yippee just got mine coolio thanks for the up

Hugs Wendy